For a number of years, Holme Valley Parish Council worked to regularise the legal position of a number of plots of land which used to be stone quarries but whose supply of stone had been exhausted during the 19th century.  Having successfully completed voluntary land registration, efforts were turned to the creation, in discussion with the Charity Commission, of a new charitable scheme to manage and administer these sites.

The new charity was established on 6 January 2009 and the Parish Council is the sole corporate Trustee.  A small committee was then set up to manage the Land Charity on a day-to-day basis, and the Management Committee makes recommendations to the Trustee, to authorise and approve actions.

In 2011 the name of the charity was changed from Holme Valley Parish Council (Graveship of Holme) Land Charity to the shorter name, Holme Valley Land Charity.  The Land Charity’s registration number remains the same, 700350.

The Land Charity’s aim is to promote such charitable purposes as the Trustee sees fit, for the general benefit of the residents of the Holme Valley.

The Management Committee’s task is to determine the future of these plots and what actions the Trustee needs to take to maximise benefits to the residents of the Valley.