Grants Scheme
The grant scheme is now closed, with the remainder of the initial tranche of £10,000 to be used with the remaining funds, on a larger scheme instead.  Details of grants given out to date are provided on the Press Statements page.

Previous Minutes of Annual General Meetings
Minutes – Annual General Meeting held on 22 July 2014
Minutes – Annual General Meeting held on 23 September 2015

The Charitable Scheme and current Action Plan
Click on the link below to download the Land Charity’s Scheme (registration no. 700350): Land Charity Scheme established 6 January 2009

A list of the quarries is included on pages 4-6 of the above Scheme.  For details of actions taken or proposed on the various sites, go to the Action Plan page for further information or click on this link:
Action Plan – updated 15 April 2015

You can view the Land Registry document (Title Deed and Plan) for a particular quarry at the Land Charity’s office.  You will find the contact details for the office by clicking on the Contact Us button on the Contact page.  The Land Charity cannot supply copies of the Land Registry documents, as they are the copyright of the Land Registry.  To purchase copies direct from the Land Registry, details can be found on the Links page.