EcoHolmes – Community Land Trust

In June 2021 community consultation was held in Scholes, with regard to the development of affordable and eco-friendly housing at the site known as Chippings, or Chippings Dump.  This was an old quarry site.  If you would like to find more please visit EcoHolmes website EcoHolmes – Community Land Trust – Holmfirth

Charity Commission
Financial information on the Land Charity, submitted on an annual basis, as required by the Charity Commission, is available to download from the Charity Commission website. When you visit that website, you can either put the full name of the Charity in the search box or just the Charity Registration Number which is 700350.

The Land Registry
If you know which particular quarry you are interested in, you can purchase copies of the information (Title Deed and Plan) from the Land Registry. You can do this on-line at Land Registry Property Search.  You will need the quarry site title number which can be found on the Action Plan page.

Or you can contact the regional office of the Land Registry at:

Land Registry, Nottingham (West) Office
Chalfont Drive
0115 935 1166

Official Photographer
Sandie Nicholson

Tel: 01484 667467

Sandie’s new website, featuring her photography, is really good and the Trig Point/Jubilee Seat at Wolfstones quarry features on the website.  Please take a look at

Holme Valley Parish Council
The Parish Council is the sole corporate Trustee of the Land Charity; the Parish Council is a local council and public body, whereas the Land Charity is a registered charity, which operates  under a separate administrative framework, regulated by the Charity Commission.

The Parish Council has a separate office in Holmfirth, contact details of which are available on its website